Biognostica software

Introducing the Biognostica system

The first software in the world to bring scientific accuracy, medical knowledge, and advanced technology to the field of natural therapy.

Biognostica is a state of the art powerful software that performs medical diagnosis and generates natural therapy treatment plans for various health problems.

The Biognostica diagnostic process exposes hidden medical data by searching for the optimal ranges of blood indices that represent an optimal health state of the human body, using unique cross reference data.

This innovative software offers automatization of complex processes, based on thousands of calculations and cross-reference information, enabling accurate diagnostics and treatments that far exceed human capabilities, with proven high therapeutic success rates.

Biognostica serves health clinics doctors and therapists of various specializations around the world.
The system enables practitioners to save time, treat a large clientele base and significantly improve their diagnostic and treatment efficiency with much less effort.

How does the system actually works?

At the first stage, the therapist enters the patient's medical data into the health questionnaire.

According to the information, a personal referral with a list of lab tests is produced. Later, the therapist enters the test results into the software.

According to the data entered, the software provides a thorough diagnosis of the health situation, based on the Biognostica diagnostic method. The findings of the diagnosis are explained in details to the therapist and the patient.

In accordance with the findings of the diagnosis, the program produces a treatment plan that includes guidelines for the use of dietary supplements and herbs, nutritional guidelines, menu and guidelines for the use of topical treatment preparations. All this while maintaining strict contraindications and accurate and personal adaptation of the treatment for each person.

The findings of the diagnosis and the treatment plan are produced on detailed reports, well-arranged and simple to understand.

After several months of treatment, the software compares the blood tests before and after treatment, and produces an explanation report for the patient with the results of the comparison and the continued treatment plan.

Throughout the diagnosis and treatment process, the therapist receives detailed explanations regarding the decisions of the system, through which he can transmit the information to the patient in the most professional manner.

What are Biognostica software benefits?

  • An accurate diagnostic and therapeutic tool, at the highest level.
  • An unprecedented educational tool for therapists in all areas.
  • A proven method that contributes to impressive measurable therapeutic outcomes.
  • Time-saving for therapists.
  • Increased efficiency in the use of nutritional supplements with careful personal adjustment.
  • Earning ongoing trust of the patients which contributes to the long-term success of treatments.
  • Creating a high standard and uncompromising quality of a new generation of therapists.
  • A combination of science and nature with the ultimate goal of promoting global healthcare.

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